2/23/2020 Sorry, Images are stretched, links may be broken. I just needed to get the site out quickly!
2/23/2020 Just made the site!
sometime in 2020 jtc.glitch.me was shutdown by the devloper
10/31/2020 Quincy Ames "made" the website you are on right now.
10/31/2020 Added gurellia mail (Sorry it refreshs a lot) I tested it and it sent it to the right email and with the scrabled email adress.
10/31/2020 Also removed devolpers orignal information at his request.
11/2/2020 Added some fancy JavaScript for the konami code.
10/3/2020 Finished the memes page :] email me some memes if want them put on the website
10/3/2020 Added a home button (harder than it sounds)
10/13/2020 Added some cookies one of them tell me what country you are from, how long you are on each site the other one saves the background color if case you find one you like
10/13/2020 Started the virtual talent show (https://btc2.glitch.me/vts.glitch.me/)
10/14/2020 Added dankmemez page
10/20/2020 Memez page got to big had to split it up.